15-07-2016Tutorials5 min read

Laravel 5 Chess Captcha Form Authentication

Chesscaptcha is a captcha system inspired by chess. The nice thing about this implementation is that it can also be used by non-chess players and that's because the default mode requires copying a given position on the input board, something that can be done by anyone. There is also the mate in one mode where the visitor has to be a chess player of course. We are happy that the developer of the project is a member of our team here at emar.

15-07-2016Tutorials1 min read

Emojis Used In Chesscaptcha

So you don't really like chess but you'd like to use it anyway. We got you covered. Did you know that you can use any icon set for the chesscaptcha board pieces? Well if you don't like any chess related piece style on your board challenge you can create a custom icon set of 6 or 12 icons and set chesscaptcha to create the boards from it.