Optimized email marketing methodologies to accomplice the best result out of your subscribers.

Clean design and effective subjects on emails, that intrigue audience and ease the engagement process.

Email Marketing

Optimized email marketing methodologies, in order to accomplice the best result out of your subscribers.
Clean design and effective subjects on emails, that intrigue audience and ease the engagement process.

Newsletter with corporate layout design to increase the response and click-through rates. Optimized landing pages of email content assure conversion rate augmentation. Build a quality list of subscribers and re-engage inactive subscribers and clean-up your lists from irrelevant people.
A successful email marketing campaign can be measured only by the deliverable email facts. If emails get blocked or categorized as spams, then your entire campaign has failed. The most important achievement is to make the emails delivered to the right audience, at the right moment so that it is opened. Each opened email with a cleverly assembled design & content can be converted to a potential client or frequent user.

Our goal is with our email marketing process to increase your ROI With our email marketing strategy we aim to establish a regular interaction between your business and your subscribers.

Research & Strategy

After understanding your business field, we start the research about your target audience, we examine the existing facts and we begin to collect new data. Knowing your email recipients (age, culture, time zone, needs etc) we can adjust the content and design to provide relevant material.

By the email subscription or sign up form, and then by their personal profile (if it exists), collect as much relevant information as it’s possible. In forms you should ask only information that you intent to use, otherwise there is the possibility to decrease the email subscription rate, because of user irritation.

Our strategical goal is to grab recipients’ attention and direct them towards your initial desired action. A well-arranged email and with carefully created only relevant content can keep the recipient for longer. Because as we all know an email owner doesn’t spend more than a few seconds viewing his email.

Content & Email Design

The couple of seconds each recipient can spare of his time on his email can dramatically decrease or even disappear when irrelevant information and sloppy or confusing design is used.
We will optimize your click-through rates, with effective call-to-action events and accompanying graphic material or images.
We don’t just aim to deliverable emails. We aim to increase your traffic to your site, by making them click through email links, to specially designed landing pages or existing parts of your website, in order to complete your initial goal, to convert your subscribers to frequent visitors.

Final Optimization

We make sure the emails will be addressed to recipients according to their needs and preferences. We send relevant messages to arouse the feeling of expectation to your subscribers, so that you reach your final objectives. To collect facts and information about the preferences and user click movements we will take advantage of modern marketing methods such as A/B testing, click tracking and mouse movements. On our email campaigns we apply only the best tactics, so the newsletters and notification emails are adapted according to your clients' preferences.


On long-term email campaigns we collect data about your users' time period preferences, frequency of his response, the click-through rate, possible bounce rate and what it causes it. We also measure the percentage of successful sales or engagements through your overall traffic on your website. These were some of the analysis statistics that we gather in order to build the best marketing campaign that brings the best possible ROI to your company.
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