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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Being visible in the first page of search engines, it’s not a matter of chance but of well used keywords. It needs an effective combination of search engine optimization, landing pages and call-to-actions. By achieving this visibility more traffic is been send on to your website.


Search engines are getting smarter and smarter every day. The artificial intelligence is a step away to be used broadly in SEs, so for each query, only websites with reputation and quality matching content will be ranked in the first page. Some SEO valuable tactics are:

  • The use of single keywords or a combination of coupled words, the known as long-tail
  • keywords.
  • The creation and optimization of landing pages, where keywords will drive the audience.
  • The internal linking and on-page content optimization on each page to achieve better
  • ranking.
  • Back-end optimization on the code with keywords.
  • Time schedule of content release, and enriched subjects with link building, so you cansupplement and increase your current ranking on SEs.
Our experience drove us to create a SEO process with solutions that bring successful results.

Research & Strategy

Research and understand client’s business, website usage & facts, and competitors landscape. After collecting this information and creating clean data, we are ready to process and develop solutions throughout the optimization.

Site optimization

Applying strong content strategy and page optimization.

Adjust existing website text content with keywords that our SEO and content specialists have analyzed and researched about their effectiveness and popularity, in order to increase your visibility. Create new content with enriched content and strategically picked subject.
New content is being created by using two of the most successful content oriented strategies, those of [call-to-action] and [landing pages].

Implement your page through your code.

Your content is really important and keeps an active connection with your audience, but is not enough. Technical implementation is vital for your website's visibility. Search engines needs to crawl through every page of your site. Check every aspect of your page elements and optimize them according to SEO tactics and methods.
The SEO optimization isn’t restrained to in-page implementations but also in collaboration with other marketing departments like social media, to create a full-stack strategy.

Final Content Optimization

We collect data from the first SEO enriched content on websites and we make the last adjustments to increase even more your income traffic on your website. Content marketing in combination with SEO and with other marketing strategies like Social Media marketing, advertising or public relations -the extra marketing tactics will increase the initial cost of SEO campaign but - they will achieve a quicker and safer ROI.


Reports will be delivered in regular basis about your campaign performance and goal tracking and adjustments of your project plan based on facts. Depending on your campaign's duration we will provide you monthly or quarterly with performance reviews.
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